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What is industrial boiler burner gas burner

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What is industrial boiler burner gas burner
         First of all, what is a burner?
   Combustor is a general term for devices that make fuel and air spray mixed(or mixed spray) combustion in a certain way.Burners are classified into industrial burners, burners, civil burners, and special burners according to their types and application fields.
  Burners are also called burners.According to the following classifications,they can be divided into these types of burners:
  1.According to fuel;oil burner and gas burner.
  2.According to the object of use;kiln burner and boiler burner.
  3.According to the field of application:industrial burners,civil burners and special burners.
  According to the burning fuel burned by the burner, it can be divided into the following types:
  1.The fuel burner is divided into light oil(such as diesel) and heavy oil burner(such as waste engine oil).
  2.Gas burners are divided into natural gas burners, liquefied gas burners, city gas burners, biogas burners, etc.
       Combustor,also known as integrated burner,is mainly fuel and gas.Generally used in small and medium-sized fuel boilers,fuel hot air blowers,ovens and small fuel heating furnaces.Broadly speaking,civil stoves,burners in lighter blowtorch engines,etc .belong to the category of civil burners and special burners.At present,the international advanced burner manufacturers have begun to develop and promote large-scale oxygen-enriched,all-oxygen combustion-supporting burners.The distinction between industrial burners and boiler burners, in the United States,industrial burners and boiler burners are strictly distinguished.The two cannot be used interchangeably.
       All-oxygen burners are commonly known as burners.There are many types and specifications, including oil and gas(gas) and coal(pulverized coal water slurry).The application field is very wide, and the burner is needed in the industrial occasions that need to burn the fuel to heat the material or react.Industrial burner(burner) can realize the function of burner after adding configuration,but burner cannot meet the requirements of fuel combustion heating or reaction in many industrial occasions.See the entry"Burner" for the difference between the two.
   Why do many people use burners
       There are many kinds of burners, but the price and performance of each kind of burner are somewhat different.Now the country pays attention to environmental protection,so the burner is indispensable.There are many advantages of the burner, and we will briefly introduce it below.
  1.The burner is environmentally friendly and will not produce a lot of oil fume to pollute the environment.It also protects the environment.
       2.The burner saves money.In many industrial manufacturers,Zhengzhou Zhongcheng burners can be burned with a variety of fuels,one of which is coal.Now everyone knows that the price of coal will rise again and again.This is why it is recommended that you use a burner.The burner not only uses coal as fuel, but also gas and oil.No matter which type, coal will be used for fuel saving.
       3.The burner is cheap,and the price of the burner is not a big deal to all manufacturers.Maybe a year's worth of burner will leave a lot of unnecessary wasted money.I don't know how much money I save every year to buy this burner.
  4.The burner saves manpower and can save a lot of unnecessary expenses.The work that used to require two people to do before can now be done with only one burner.
  The role of the burner in reality
       The function of the burner is to continuously send fuel and air into the furnace,rationally organize the airflow of pulverized coal, and make it mix well, and ignite and burn quickly and stably.The application field of the burner is very wide.As long as it is used in the fire place, you can use the burner.As long as it is a combustible fuel, you can also use the burner.The burner can reduce the emission of garbage and reduce environmental pollution.The effect is many.