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Industrial steam gas boiler burner manufacturer

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Industrial steam gas boiler burner manufacturer
       1. Brief introduction of natural gas burner
  is mainly composed of natural gas valve group, burner, automatic ignition device, flame monitoring device, fire protection device, high temperature flue gas heat recovery device, load regulation mechanism, and blower unit system.
  During operation, furnace purging, gas ignition, and flameout can be automatically controlled, and gas overpressure, combustion air underpressure, and misfire can be automatically protected.
  is designed according to multiple parameters such as furnace load, furnace structure, furnace pressure, low gas calorific value, pressure, density, temperature, and white number. Therefore, it is highly targeted and suitable for this furnace type smelting furnace.
  2. Main functions of natural gas burner
  1. Energy conversion: The internal energy (chemical energy) of natural gas can be converted into heat energy for heating in a smelting furnace.
  2. Fire protection: automatic flameout protection in case of emergency or power failure. Automatic flameout protection refers to the sudden flameout of the unit during normal operation (sudden flameout caused by no gas supply, power failure, etc.). At this time, the high-sensitivity flame detector will give an alarm signal to the program controller, and the unit will all Automatic shutdown.
  3. Low gas pressure or high pressure protection: The unit can automatically shut down when the gas supply pressure falls below the lower limit or exceeds the upper limit to ensure system safety.
  4. Low air supply pressure protection: the unit can automatically shut down when the air supply pressure is lower than the set value.
  5. The furnace is automatically purged.
  6. ​​Working procedure: First, automatically purge the furnace, then ignite a small fire, and then start the main fire after the flame is established, no deflagration, and stable combustion.
  7. It has the function of interlocking protection with the operation of the melting furnace.
  8. Automatic ignition, flame detection interlock protection.
  9. The combustion heat load can be adjusted manually according to the load of the boiler. When the load increases, the air intake and gas intake can be increased, and when the load decreases, the air intake and gas intake can be reduced. When the temperature exceeds the set value, it has the standby function of automatically turning off the fire to keep the fire, saving fuel costs for users. When the temperature drops to the set value, it has an automatic opening function to avoid frequent shutdown of the furnace.
    10. The system can still be used normally in the presence of dust, water and other impurities.