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SZS type fuel gas boiler heavy oil burner

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SZS type fuel gas boiler heavy oil burner
   product description The body of the SZS series boiler is a double-drum, vertical-mounted, chamber-fired D-type layout structure, with the furnace on the right and the convection tube bundle on the left. The movable supports in the middle and both ends of the lower drum are fixed on the chassis of the body, and the boiler is guaranteed to expand to both ends. The furnace is surrounded by a narrow-pitch tube membrane water wall. The membrane water wall on the left side of the furnace completely seals the furnace and the convection tube bundle. The back part of the convection tube bundle is a diarrhea structure, and the front part is an in-line structure. The furnace is burning. The generated flue gas enters the burnout chamber and the convection tube bundle area from the smoke outlet at the end of the furnace, and then turns from the front of the left side of the boiler into the spiral finned tube economizer and condenser, and finally enters the flue into the chimney and exhausts to the atmosphere.    SZS type oil and gas boiler furnace water-cooled wall and convection flue all adopt membrane wall structure, which has good sealing performance and high heat absorption rate, and effectively reduces the use and maintenance of refractory bricks. This boiler uses high thermal resistance material as the insulation layer. Good insulation performance. An energy-saving condenser is arranged at the rear. It can effectively reduce the exhaust gas temperature and the boiler has high thermal efficiency. The ultra-low nitrogen automatic burner makes the flue gas less harmful pollutants and operates without noise. It also has the ignition program control and overpressure and flameout protection functions, and the operation is safe.

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