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How to choose a suitable low-nitrogen burner?

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How to choose a suitable low-nitrogen burner?
1. First choose according to the fuel form:
The fuel of the boiler is divided into solid, liquid and gaseous. The solid fuel is generally coal. The combustion chamber of a coal-fired boiler is like a burner. The grate directly pushes the coal into the combustion chamber for combustion. Some pulverized coal boilers need to atomize pulverized coal into the combustion chamber, which should be selected according to the structure and performance of the boiler body. Liquid fuels include kerosene, diesel, residual oil, waste oil, etc.; gaseous fuels include natural gas, coal gas, and biogas. The main parameters for the selection of oil for oil-fired boilers: calorific value and density. For heavy oil, residual oil and waste oil, also pay attention to viscosity, mechanical impurities, ash and freezing point. Gas boilers should pay attention to the calorific value, pressure and density of the gas.
2. Choose by the structure and performance of the boiler:
According to the furnace structure and boiler performance, choose the nozzle atomization method in the burner or the gas burner. Choose the flame with good shape and fullness to make it compatible with the furnace structure. The air required for fuel is supplied from the root of the torch, so that the oil mist or gas and the air are quickly and evenly mixed to ensure the safety of combustion. When choosing a burner, pay attention to the temperature and pressure of the furnace. The customer must specify which type of equipment his equipment belongs to, whether the pressure in the furnace is positive or negative, and how high the temperature is.
3. The burner to be selected must have a large adjustment range to ensure stable combustion under different working conditions.
4. The output power of the low-nitrogen burner should match the rated output of the boiler.
5. The wind pressure of the low-nitrogen burner should consider the resistance of the boiler itself and the resistance of the flue gas system.
6. The flue gas emission and noise of the low-nitrogen burner must meet the requirements of environmental standards.
7. The installation method of the low-nitrogen burner should be selected by the specific conditions of the boiler and the requirements of the customer.
8. Choose according to the environmental area. In different environments, the field temperature and pressure are different, and the appropriate burner should be selected according to the customer's needs.
9. Customers who have special requirements for burners, such as waterproof or explosion-proof, can be selected according to customer needs.
   The above is an introduction for you on how to choose a suitable low-nitrogen burner. If you want to know other contents of the low-nitrogen burner, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!