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What is the main structure of the Anhui Environmental Protection 30mg ultra-low nitrogen burner?

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What is the main structure of the Anhui Environmental Protection 30mg ultra-low nitrogen burner?
Low-nitrogen burners are equipment that add blowers, induced draft fans, frequency converters, control valves and multiple circuits to integrate traditional burners to allow clean energy and burner operations to provide higher thermal energy to the boiler.
As a highly automated mechatronics equipment, ultra-low nitrogen burners can be divided into five systems: gas supply system, ignition system, monitoring system, fuel system and electronic control system.
The function of the air supply system of the ultra-low nitrogen burner is to supply air with a certain wind speed and volume to the combustion chamber. Its main components are: shell, fan motor, fan impeller, air gun fire tube, damper controller, damper baffle and diffuser plate .
Ultra-low nitrogen burner shell: It is the main component of the mounting bracket and the fresh air intake channel of each part of the burner. From the appearance point of view, it can be divided into two types: box burner and gun burner. Most box burners have an outer cover made of injection-molded material, and the power is usually very small. Most high-power burners use split shells, generally gun-type. The shell is generally made of high-strength lightweight alloy castings.
Fan motor of ultra-low nitrogen burner: It mainly provides power for the operation of fan impeller and high-pressure oil pump. Some burners use a separate motor to provide oil pump power. Some low-power burners use relatively low-power single-phase motors, while most burners use three-phase motors. Only when the motor rotates in a certain direction, the burner can work normally.
Fan impeller of ultra-low nitrogen burner: It rotates at high speed to generate enough air pressure to overcome the resistance of the furnace and the chimney, and blow enough air into the combustion chamber to meet the needs of combustion. It consists of a cylindrical wheel equipped with blades with a certain inclination angle, and is generally made of high-strength lightweight alloy steel and injection molded products. All qualified fan impellers have good dynamic balance performance.
Ultra-low nitrogen burner air door controller: It is a driving device that controls the rotation of the air door damper through mechanical linkage. There are generally two types of hydraulic drive controllers and servo motor drive controllers. The former works stably and is not easy to fail, while the latter has accurate control and stable air volume changes.
Diffusion plate of ultra-low nitrogen burner: Its special structure can generate rotating air flow, which helps to fully mix air and fuel, and can also adjust the volume of secondary air.
The above is an introduction to the main structure of the Anhui Environmental Protection 30mg ultra-low nitrogen burner. If you want to know other content of the low nitrogen burner, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!