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How to troubleshoot problems when using low NOx burners?

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How to troubleshoot problems when using low NOx burners?
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Ignition system failure
   Under the premise that everything is normal, the burner is operated continuously for 3 times, and the ignition cannot be found. The incineration should be judged as a failure of the ignition system, and corresponding routine inspections must be taken to detect the failure.
  1. Gas source system failure. Routinely check whether the working pressure of natural gas can be maintained at 3-5kpa normally. If it is too high or too low, it will show the problem of non-ignition.
   Solution: Adjust the natural gas pressure regulating valve and adopt working pressure adjustment.
  2. Air inlet system failure. Regularly check the size of the air inlet. When the air inlet is slightly larger, it is easy to show the problem of frequent ignition failure.
   Solution: Adjust the air inlet to a moderately small size, but it cannot be turned off properly.
  3. Ignition device metal electrode or ignition transformer system failure. The ignition transformer does not ignite, or the metal electrode of the ignition device is dirty. When the specific location is wrong, the ignition device system failure will be displayed.
   Solution: Test whether the ignition transformer can ignite the device, clean the metal electrode of the ignition device, and adjust the ignition device spacing to maintain 2-3 mm.
  4. The gas valve group system malfunctions. When all the ignition devices are normal, the valve group will open in a timely manner, and the sound of opening can be heard, and no flame will be created when it cannot be opened.
  Solution: Routinely check the valve group coil and adjust the valve opening.
  5. Ignition controller system failure. All ignition device application programs are transmitted from the smart controller. The smart controller is destroyed and all ignition devices cannot be normal.
   Solution: Replace the intelligent controller.