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What are the correct methods for low-nitrogen burners to enc

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What are the correct methods for low-nitrogen burners to enc
Introduce the classification of low-nitrogen burners, the principle of low-nitrogen burners, and the characteristics of low-nitrogen combustion technology. Low-nitrogen burners and low-NOx burners refer to burners with low nitrogen emissions and low nitrogen emissions during fuel combustion. The burner can reduce nitrogen oxides in the combustion process...
During the use of low-nitrogen burners, due to improper use or external factors such as mechanical wear, various system failures are often caused. Today, I will give everyone a common understanding of how to deal with the failure of the engine flameout system of the low-nitrogen burner, the system failure of the burner not operating, etc. Face:  
   (1) When the low-nitrogen combustion engine is in normal operation and incineration, it is suddenly extinguished, which is a failure of the engine flameout system. The processing method is as follows:
   1. After the fluctuating high and low air source causes the flame to float, extinguish it.
   Solution: Adjust the working pressure and restart.
  2. Flame detector system failure. When the flame detection probe is grounded during operation, or when it is very dirty, all normal flames cannot be detected, indicating that the engine is off.
   Solution: Adjust the specific position of the probe and clean the surface of the probe. Reboot.
   3. Power circuit system failure The switching power supply fluctuates or loses phase, causing the engine to stall during the process.
   Solution: Contact the welder to routinely check the switching power supply and wiring method.
  (2) The burner does not work for a long time when the operation switch button is pressed, which is a system failure of the burner does not operate. The processing method is as follows:
  1. External connection system failure. The external temperature or working pressure control cannot reach the lower limit of operation; check the preset value of temperature or working pressure regularly.
  2. The internal structure of the burner has not been connected. When the standard air pressure is too high or too low, the wind pressure switch is normally closed and cannot be closed. When the air inlet mechanism is in place, it will be displayed, and routine inspections will be gradually taken.