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Overview of equipment selection for ultra-low nitrogen burners

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Overview of equipment selection for ultra-low nitrogen burners
In today's society, I believe that we are very concerned about air quality issues. The "smoke" that has occurred in recent years has caused headaches for many families with children or people who may suffer from related diseases. But I don’t know if we know that one of the causes of smog is nitrogen oxides, and how nitrogen oxides are formed? Nitrogen oxides are formed at high temperatures. The higher the temperature, the easier it is to form a large amount of nitrogen oxides. In our daily life, the scope of use is getting wider and wider, and now there are many places where nitrogen oxides are produced in the boiler. In order to cope with this situation, an ultra-low nitrogen burner was selected.
  Ultra-low nitrogen burners usually use exhaust gas or flue gas recirculation (EGR or FGR), chemical additives (such as ammonia), catalyst additives, etc. to achieve the purpose of reducing the generation of nitrogen oxides, because flame temperature is a very important variable flame temperature The higher the NOx concentration, the higher. Air preheating and furnace temperature are related to flame temperature, so it will have a serious impact on the production of NOx. When the excess air added exceeds the stoichiometric amount, the amount of NOx that appears is added. Because suppressing the onset of combustion temperature has a serious impact, when the excess air continues to be added, the amount of NOx produced will begin to decrease. For practical and economic reasons, reducing NOx by using excess air is generally not feasible or undesirable.
  Therefore, the ultra-low nitrogen combustor only needs to use exhaust gas or flue gas recirculation (EGR or FGR), chemical additives (such as ammonia) and catalyst auxiliary agents. Use low NOx baffle, air classification and flue gas recirculation and other procedures. The flue gas recirculation can be achieved by introducing combustion products from the furnace into the flame, or mixing with air or fuel from the exhaust system to reduce the flame temperature. The oxygen that controls the reaction rate is also diluted, thereby reducing the possibility of available oxygen entering the NOx and reacting.
The above is an introduction to the selection of ultra-low nitrogen burner equipment for you. If you want to know other contents of the low nitrogen burner, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!