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Maintenance and maintenance of Tianjin low nutrition device

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Maintenance and maintenance of Tianjin low nutrition device
Introduce the classification of low-nitrogen burners, the principle of low-nitrogen burners, the characteristics of low-nitrogen combustion technology, low-nitrogen burners and low-nitrogen state burners, refer to the burners with low nitrogen emissions during the fuel combustion process, and use low-nitrogen combustion To reduce the nitrogen content in the combustion process
As the industry accelerates, the demand for boilers is also increasing. Altitude, equipment repair and maintenance have become issues that power users pay attention to. Low-nitrogen burners refer to equipment that uses heat or other heat energy released by fuel combustion to heat water or other working fluids to produce steam, hot water or other working fluids with specified parameters (temperature, pressure) and quality. Next, I will introduce you how to better maintain and maintain low fuel consumption!
Precautions for maintenance of low nitrogen burner equipment:
1. In order to ensure that the food is low in nutrition and extend its daily diet, the food and auxiliary equipment must be maintained, safely maintained, and energy sourced every day. The energy water supply system and the check valve are maintained daily for inspection once a day, and packed every night every night. The pressure gauge should be prepared and carried with you, and the pressure gauge and temperature gauge should be checked once a day.
2. If the hot water manhole, hand hole, and observation hole are leaking or leaking, they should be replaced in time. If they are seriously damaged, they should be replaced in time. When replacing, the temperature of the hot water should be lowered to about 60 ℃. Lift up and try once, and when you find that there is no tightness, you should raise it more quickly, lift it quickly, and release it quickly.
3. Check the water pump every day for leaks, and for all leaks, leaking, dripping, and leaking. If any problems are found, they should be resolved in time. And external corrosion, carefully complete equipment maintenance records.
The above is an introduction to the combustor system of Liaoning pot low-nitrogen burner combustor. If you understand other contents of low-combustion combustor, please contact Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!