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Combustion chamber combustion system of boiler low-nitrogen burner burner

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Combustion chamber combustion system of boiler low-nitrogen burner burner
Low-nitrogen burners are equipment that adds blowers, induced draft fans, frequency converters, control valves, and multiple circuits to integrate traditional burners to allow clean energy and burner operations to provide boilers with more efficient heat.
The combustion chamber combustion system of the boiler low-nitrogen burner burner, the wall-hung boiler combustion chamber structure, the aluminum plate is lined with refractory plate, the refractory plate has very strong heat insulation performance, its heat-resistant temperature can reach 1,200 Baidu, and the melting temperature can be It reaches 1.7 billion, so the refractory plate can directly contact the flame, isolate the combustion chamber from other parts, and ensure the normal operation of other parts. Refractory board has poor strength and is not resistant to mechanical shock.
Before starting the burner, clean up the carbon deposits in the furnace bridge, clean up the carbon deposits at the bottom of the furnace, add particulate fuel, close the material box cover, and open the material isolation valve; turn on the power supply of the equipment, check whether the circuit and water pipe are normal, and check whether the cooling pool is Not enough water. Open the burner cooling water inlet and outlet valves, and acknowledge that the interlayer cooling water of the high-temperature incineration chamber is full.
Adjust the air supply gear to a lower level, put in the appropriate bottom material, and start the formal combustion. Open the furnace door lightly to supply air, close the furnace door, start the material feeding system, and gradually adjust the air supply gear to the appropriate level. The feeding speed and air supply volume should be gradually increased, and it should not be accelerated too fast. There should be two to three minutes for the furnace temperature to rise normally.
The above is an introduction to the combustion chamber combustion system of the Liaoning boiler low-nitrogen burner burner. If you want to know other contents of the low-nitrogen burner, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!