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How to ignite the Anhui ultra-low nitrogen burner in use to be safer?

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How to ignite the Anhui ultra-low nitrogen burner in use to be safer?
The low-nitrogen retrofits of gas-fired boilers with ultra-low-nitrogen burners are being carried out in an orderly manner everywhere, and on the surface they are progressing smoothly. So how can the low-nitrogen burners be ignited more safely? In the past, when the heating furnace was started or in operation, there had been furnace explosion accidents. The lighter one damaged the parts of the furnace, and the heavy one blew up the entire furnace. The main reason for the furnace explosion is that when the burner is ignited, the burner has just ignited and then extinguished, or the burner has not ignited and oil or gas has entered the furnace. Caused a gas explosion in the furnace.
It is understood that a common problem among ultra-low nitrogen burner manufacturers is that the furnace explodes during operation due to insufficient air and incomplete gas combustion. In the furnace flue gas, the gas will explode after reaching a certain concentration. This situation often occurs in forced-air heating furnaces.
In order to prevent the furnace explosion accident in the design of the ultra-low nitrogen burner, the following points must be done during commissioning: the low-nitrogen burner is not ignited during ignition, but oil or gas enters the furnace, at this time the furnace worker must immediately turn off the oil Valve or gas valve, then blow steam into the furnace, and re-ignite after the chimney sees steam.
Although the ultra-low nitrogen burner was ignited but turned off during ignition, the boiler worker should immediately close the oil valve or gas valve and blow steam into the furnace, and then re-ignite after the chimney sees steam. During the operation of the low-nitrogen furnace, if it is found that the burner air is insufficient, the cause should be found out immediately and dealt with in time. First check whether the opening degree of the butterfly valve that controls the air entering the furnace is appropriate. If the opening degree is too small, it should be opened to an appropriate degree immediately so that the 30 mg low-nitrogen burner fuel can be fully burned.
The above is an introduction for you on how to ignite the ultra-low nitrogen burner in Anhui to be safer. If you want to know other contents of the ultra-low nitrogen burner, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!