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What are the technical foundations of Nanchang ultra-low nitrogen burner equipment

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What are the technical foundations of Nanchang ultra-low nitrogen burner equipment
Introduce the classification of low-nitrogen burners, the principle of low-nitrogen burners, and the characteristics of low-nitrogen combustion technology. Low-nitrogen burners and low-NOx burners refer to burners with low nitrogen emissions and low nitrogen emissions during the fuel combustion process, which use low-nitrogen combustion. The device can reduce the nitrogen oxides in the combustion process...
Ultra-low nitrogen burners usually refer to burners with NOx emissions between 30 and 80 mg; NOx emissions below 30 mg are usually called ultra-low nitrogen burners; ultra-low nitrogen burners are usually based on the following technologies:
1. Electronic proportional adjustment and oxygen content control technology to control oxygen content;
2. Fully premixed surface combustion technology reduces the flame temperature and achieves full combustion;
3. FGR flue gas recirculation technology reduces flame temperature and oxygen content.
The ultra-low nitrogen burners currently on the market are mainly divided into the following types:
1. Surface-burning ultra-low-nitrogen burner; Surface-burning ultra-low-nitrogen burner can usually control nitrogen oxides below 30 mg in the entire combustion range. Its advantage is that it is simple to install and does not require FGR flue gas recirculation pipes; its The main disadvantage is that the air needs to be filtered, which increases the maintenance workload; at the same time, the oxygen content is about 7%, which reduces part of the combustion efficiency;
2. Staged burners: Staged burners can usually control NOx at 65 mg within the entire flame range, and the limit is about 40 mg. Further reduction of NOx emissions may result in unstable combustion or the disadvantages of sacrificing adjustable ratio;
3. Staged ultra-low nitrogen burner + FGR flue gas circulation technology; staged burner + FGR flue gas recirculation technology combines the advantages of staged burners to control NOx and reduce FGR oxygen content, which can control NOx in the entire combustion range 20 mg, while keeping the oxygen content within 3%, the combustion efficiency is greatly improved. The main disadvantage is the increase in equipment costs.
The above is an introduction for you on the technical basis of Nanchang ultra-low nitrogen burner equipment. If you want to know other contents of the low-nitrogen burner, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!