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How much do you know about low-nitrogen burners?

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How much do you know about low-nitrogen burners?
Low-NOx burners and low-NOx burners refer to burners with low NOx emissions during the fuel combustion process. The use of low-NOx burners can reduce nitrogen oxide emissions during the combustion process. The nitrogen oxides produced during the combustion process are mainly NO and NO2, which are usually oxidized...
    Low nitrogen combustion process
    The common feature of all burners is pre-mixing and stable combustion on the surface. This is a two-step combustion process-first the fuel and air are premixed, and then the mixture is burned on the outer surface of the burner element. The surface acts as a barrier between the two processes. Conventional gas burners that mix fuel and air where combustion occurs almost always have some operation in areas above the peak temperature of nitrogen oxide formation.
    The material properties of each technology also improve the performance of low NOx burners. Surface burning rate, surface heat transfer and flame stability all play a role in reducing NOx emissions to a large extent. The combustor further reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by operating at a moderate surface burning rate and dissipating energy when combustion occurs, thereby further reducing the peak combustion temperature.
    Advantages of low-nitrogen burners
    Through premixing, the benefits of surface-stable combustion to obtain low NOx include decoupling combustion from the influence of furnace or boiler design, so that the configuration of the combustion chamber has little effect on the formation of NOx. Therefore, the emission of nitrogen oxides is very predictable. Ensure that your furnace or boiler can meet almost all low NOx emission requirements anywhere!
  The above is an introduction to low-nitrogen burners for you. If you want to know other content of low-nitrogen burners, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!