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Do you know other types of low-nitrogen burners in Henan?

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Do you know other types of low-nitrogen burners in Henan?
Low-nitrogen burner introduces you in detail the product classification of low-nitrogen burners, including low-nitrogen burners
Uses, models, ranges, pictures, news and prices of all products under the nitrogen burner. At the same time, we have also selected the industry information and price quotations of the low-nitrogen burner classification for you
   Low-nitrogen burner is to increase the use of blowers, induced draft fans, and frequency converters to control the use of traditional burners.
The integration of valves and multiple circuits allows clean energy and burner operations to provide better thermal energy design for the boiler.
Prepared. Compared with other types of burners, the low-nitrogen burners have undergone an overall transformation. No matter what our filter structure is, they can be installed directly, so there will be no problems. . And now many filters are required to be applied to high-level burners, so it must still be better to install directly such equipment, and the convenient installation also saves us a lot of time. And the subsequent disassembly, maintenance, and inspection are easier, which also saves us energy.
With regard to the other two classifications of low-nitrogen burners, I will talk about them next.
   The principle of self-recirculating low-NOx combustor is to control NOx by using circulating flue gas to absorb heat and reduce the oxygen concentration of combustion oxidant. This kind of burner can reduce the temperature NOx effect. When the fuel with a high content of N is used, it is often used together with the two-stage combustion method. According to the information, when the flue gas recirculation rate is 20%, the NOx suppression effect can make the NOx emission concentration below 80mg/kg.
   Then we talk about the split flame type low-nitrogen burner. The principle is to divide a large flame into several small flames. Due to the large heat dissipation surface of the small flame, the flame temperature decreases, which reduces the temperature type NOx; in addition, the flame becomes smaller, It shortens the residence time of nitrogen, oxygen and other gases in the flame, and has a significant inhibitory effect on temperature-type NOx or fuel-type NOx. Split (divided) burners and mechanical atomized fuel injectors. Near the nozzle, the flame collides with several rod-like objects and is divided into several strands; internal mixing steam atomized fuel injectors use several nozzles to generate several strands Burning flames. Experiments have proved that these two types of burners not only produce lower NOx, but also lower soot concentration. The NOx emission concentration is also extremely low, 35mg/kg for mechanical atomization split combustion and 42mg/kg for steam atomization split combustion.
   The above is an introduction to other types of low-nitrogen burners in Henan. If you want to know other contents of low-nitrogen burners, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!