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Do you know the necessity of installing the Xinxiang environmental protection ultra-low nitrogen burner?

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Do you know the necessity of installing the Xinxiang environmental protection ultra-low nitrogen burner?
As the economy continues to develop and the population continues to increase, our environment is getting worse and worse. There is no sunlight during the day, which makes people feel particularly depressed. You will see people wearing anti-smog masks everywhere.
1. Regardless of whether it is a coal-fired or gas-fired boiler, the use of ultra-low nitrogen burners can save investment and operating costs. According to relevant national regulations, the nitrogen oxide emissions of newly-built boilers must be less than 30mg/m3, and the emissions of ultra-low nitrogen burners of gas-fired boilers used must be less than 80mg/m3. Then, we need ultra-low nitrogen burners to help us realize this plan. Many people mistakenly believe that only inhalable particles are the culprit of smoke. In fact, another reason for nitrogen oxides cannot be ignored. At the Beijing Regional Gas Boiler Low Nitrogen Combustion Symposium, a professor from Beijing Jiaotong University stated that after the large-scale implementation of "coal-to-gas" heating boilers, the combustion of nitrogen oxide pollutants produced by large amounts of gas should also cause enough Impact.
2. Most of the new boilers that have been put into operation in recent years have been modified with advanced ultra-low nitrogen burners. There is basically no room for modification, but NOx emissions can be optimized through combustion.
3. By using ultra-low nitrogen burners, most of the old boilers in use have a lot of room for emission reduction. What is an ultra-low nitrogen burner? This is a term that many citizens have never heard of. First, ultra-low nitrogen burners can improve combustion efficiency and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. The use of ultra-low nitrogen burners refers to the process of fuel combustion. For burners with low NOx emissions, the use of low-nitrogen burners can reduce nitrogen oxide emissions during the combustion process, thereby improving the emission cleanliness of a large number of district heating gas boilers. Autotech has passed the inspection of the China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, and the emission of nitrogen oxides has reached below 30%.
4. Meet the national NOx emission requirements. Change the original burner group of the boiler to a new ultra-low nitrogen burner.
5. Skills are not an obstacle to reducing NOx emissions. The crux of the problem is choosing the right skills. With the implementation of the new emission standards for boilers, ultra-low nitrogen burners will be used in the next 3-5 years.
   The above is an introduction for you on the necessity of installing environmentally friendly ultra-low nitrogen burners. If you want to know other content of low-nitrogen burners, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!