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What are the functions of the main low-nitrogen burner?

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What are the functions of the main low-nitrogen burner?
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   In various combustion processes, some nitrogen oxides are always produced, and some of them are harmful to the human body or the environment. Low-nitrogen burner has become a new choice for people. Low-nitrogen burners can reduce NOx emissions during the combustion process. The NOx produced in the combustion process is mainly monooxygen and dioxygen. The oxidation of nitrogen in the air required for combustion or the combustion of nitrogen compounds in the fuel may cause the production of monooxygen and dioxygen. Ability to stop certain conversions. It's just that there is less conversion in this part. The combustion conditions and combustion methods have a more important impact on the formation of NOx. Then it is possible to reduce NOx through improved combustion technology. It is possible to choose a fuel with a lower nitrogen content, or to reduce the production of nitrogen oxides during the combustion process through the treatment of air and temperature during the combustion process.
   For some industrial production, such as some industrial burners, it is unrecognizable that the low-nitrogen burner is a very important equipment. It not only guarantees the complete combustion of the fuel but also stabilizes the combustion process. In other words, with the application of low-nitrogen burners, we can suppress the production of nitrogen oxides.
    What are the functional effects of low-nitrogen burners! The combustor is a general term for the device that makes the fuel and air mixed (or mixed spray) combustion in a certain way. It is very popular in the current boiler combustion, the following editor will take you to find out.
    It can produce high-temperature vortex of pulverized coal in a short period of time, has the advantages of sufficient combustion, high heat utilization rate, smoke and dust removal, energy saving and environmental protection, improved working conditions, and reduced labor intensity. It is an ideal product for energy saving and environmental protection. The pulverized coal burner is suitable for various annealing furnaces, metal heating furnaces, quenching furnaces, precision casting shell burning furnaces, smelting furnaces, forging furnaces and other heating furnaces. Refers to equipment that can fully burn pulverized coal in a short time and generate high-temperature eddy currents.
    The burner ensures that the pulverized coal air flow into the furnace can quickly and stably ignite and burn, and supply a reasonable secondary air, so that it can be mixed with the primary air energy in a timely and good manner to ensure a higher combustion efficiency, and the flame in the furnace is more full Good, and will not rush to the wall to avoid formation, the slag has better combustion applicability and load adjustment range, less flow resistance, and less pollutant generation.
The above is an introduction to the main low-nitrogen burner functions for you. If you want to know other content of the low-nitrogen burner, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
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